Monday-Friday 9:30-5:00 and Saturday 9:30-1:00


We offer full goldsmithing, watch repair, restringing, and remounting services.

Have a ring that needs resizing or a stone that needs resetting?

From breaks in chains and bracelets to prongs that need retipping, we’ll get your jewelry back in pristine condition.

Does your watch need a battery replacement or band adjustment? We’ll have your watch back up and running and fitting to your preference in no time. We’re also happy to replace broken pins, stems, and crystals and reset loose hour markers or hands.

Is your cherished strand of knotted pearls or beaded necklace stretched or broken?
Our restringing service offers an opportunity to have them strung snug and secure so they’re ready to be worn and enjoyed once again.

We’re here for your every jewelry and watch repair need, so stop in and let us do our best to assist you.